Dallas the husky saves owners life

Brittany Ludlam’s pet husky, Dallas saved her life. Brittany who lives in Texas, started having seizures and was told not to bath, drive or swim in case she had a seizure.

A few days ago she had had a rough day and decided she needed a relaxing bath. Whilst in the bath, Brittany started to have a seizure and was woken by her husky, Dallas biting her ear. Dallas also put his nose under Brittany’s chin and pushed as hard as he could to push her face out of the water.

Brittany believes that if Dallas had not kept her head above the water she would have drowned that day. She believes that Dallas saved her life.

She says “This dog is literally my best friend and my saving grace. If Dallas wouldnt have been here, I have no clue what the outcome would have been.”

Dallas’ actions are even more amazing when you realise that he has never been trained to do this, and he was purely acting out of instinct.

Dallas, the husky,a true life-saver.

Richard Bailey

Richard Bailey, along with his wife, Faye started the Northernwolf website way back in 2003 with a view to helping other husky owners who had questions about this amazing breed of dog. The website now caters for all other sled dog breeds.

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