TGI Fridays and VR Husky Sledding

A 360-degree virtual reality (VR) experience is set to visit a number of TGI Fridays restaurants this Christmas, as part of the brand’s #JingleEffect campaign.

Participants will be transported to Lapland Province, where a sled pulled by 10 huskies will transport them around the snow-capped landscape.

The Oculus VR headsets fill users’ entire field of vision, and they track head movements with a gyroscope, orientation sensor and accelerometer. When combined, these features trick the brain into feeling as though the individual has physically entered a new world.

In a bid to provide a real-life experience, the content was filmed in the town of Kiruna, which is located 85 miles north of the Arctic Circle in the Province of Lapland, in temperatures of -17C.

The 90-second experience has been devised by the restaurant chain after it conducted research that revealed dog sledding is the Christmas activity UK adults would most like to try.

The findings also found that Lapland is considered a dream Christmas location among respondents, and a white Christmas would be a ‘festive wish’ for 43% of people.

The experience has been piloted at TGI Fridays’ Westfield Stratford location, and it will visit select restaurants across the country throughout the month of December. The brand worked with Projection Artworks to create the VR.

Rachel McDowell, marketing manager, TGI Fridays UK said: “We always pull out all the stops for Christmas at Fridays, like our UK-first mistletoe drone last year. We thought long and hard about how to top that this year for guests as part of our Jingle Effect campaign and we couldn’t think of a better way of doing that than making people’s Christmas dreams come true virtually at Fridays.

“The experience, powered by cutting-edge Oculus technology, is truly incredible, giving guests 100% freedom of vision to explore the stunning, magical snow-scape – and they can even enjoy our new Christmas menu as they do it.”

Richard Bailey

Richard Bailey, along with his wife, Faye started the Northernwolf website way back in 2003 with a view to helping other husky owners who had questions about this amazing breed of dog. The website now caters for all other sled dog breeds.

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