Rally Season Calendar 2017 / 2018

Experience what its really like to run sled dogs by visiting a rally.


28th & 29th SDAS Sherwood, Notts http://sdas.org.uk/
28th & 29th AMWA Kings Forest, Thetford http://www.amwa.org.uk/events/events-summary/


11th & 12th SHCGB Warren Wood, Thetford http://siberianhuskyclub.org.uk/the-husky/working/rally-brochure/
11th & 12th SDAS Venue TBC http://sdas.org.uk/
11th & 12th SSHC Culbin, Scotland http://scottishshc.org.uk/

18th & 19th SHCGB Carron Valley, Scotland http://siberianhuskyclub.org.uk/the-husky/working/rally-brochure/
18th & 19th AMWA Forest of Dean, Glocs http://www.amwa.org.uk/events/events-summary/
18th & 19th BSHRA R2/ Cranwich http://www.huskyracing.org.uk/calendar/bshra-cranwich/
18th & 19th BSA Ringwood, Hants https://www.facebook.com/groups/britishsleddogactivities/

25th & 26th UCSC Sherwood, Notts http://ucsc.org.uk/events.html
25th & 26th SHCGB Cranwich, Thetford http://siberianhuskyclub.org.uk/the-husky/working/rally-brochure/
25th AMWA Swinley, Berks( Night Trek) http://www.amwa.org.uk/events/events-summary/


2nd & 3rd BSHRA Sherwood http://www.huskyracing.org.uk/calendar/bshra-sherwood/
2nd & 3rd SHCGB Fineshades, Northamptonshire http://siberianhuskyclub.org.uk/the-husky/working/rally-brochure/
2nd & 3rd SSHC Venue TBC http://scottishshc.org.uk/ NO
2nd & 3rd BSA Wareham, Dorset https://www.facebook.com/groups/britishsleddogactivities/
2nd & 3rd AMCUK Kershope Forest, Nr Carlisle http://www.alaskanmalamute.org.uk/events.htm

9th & 10th SHCGB Kings West http://siberianhuskyclub.org.uk/the-husky/working/rally-brochure/
9th & 10th SDAS Darnaway, Scotland http://sdas.org.uk/

16th & 17th BSHRA Santon Downham http://www.huskyracing.org.uk/calendar/bshra-santon-downham-2/
16th & 17th AMWA Crossbelts, nr Tidworth, Salisbury http://www.amwa.org.uk/events/events-summary/

27th & 28th AMWA Larkhill, Salisbury (Trek) http://www.amwa.org.uk/events/events-summary/
27th AMWA Larkhill, Trek (Backpacking Event) http://www.amwa.org.uk/events/events-summary/


6th & 7th BSA Alice Holt https://www.facebook.com/groups/britishsleddogactivities/
6th & 7th BSHRA Rendlesham 1 http://www.huskyracing.org.uk/calendar/bshra-rendlesham-1/
6th & 7th AMCUK Grizedale Forest, Lake District http://www.alaskanmalamute.org.uk/events.htm
6th & 7th BSSF Venue TBC Wales http://www.sleddogsportsgb.com/home/4590606419

13th & 14th SHCGB Sherwood, Notts http://siberianhuskyclub.org.uk/the-husky/working/rally-brochure/

20th & 21st BSHRA Kings East http://www.huskyracing.org.uk/calendar/bshra-kings-east/
20th & 21st AMCUK Greystoke Forest, Nr Penrith http://www.alaskanmalamute.org.uk/events.htm S
20th & 21st SDAS Culbin, Scotland http://sdas.org.uk/ Y

27th & 28th SHCGB Aviemore, Scotland http://siberianhuskyclub.org.uk/the-husky/working/rally-brochure/

30th AMWA Inshriach Forest, nr Aviemore (Trek) http://www.amwa.org.uk/events/events-summary/
30th AMWA Inshriach Forest, nr Aviemore (Backpk) http://www.amwa.org.uk/events/events-summary/


3rd & 4th BSHRA Warren Wood http://www.huskyracing.org.uk/calendar/bshra-warren-wood/
3rd & 4th AMWA Chicklade, Wilts (Trek) http://www.amwa.org.uk/events/events-summary/
3rd & 4th AMCUK Carron Valley, Nr Stirling http://www.alaskanmalamute.org.uk/events.htm
4th AMWA Chicklade, Wilts (Backpacking) http://www.amwa.org.uk/events/events-summary/

10th & 11th SHCGB Rendlesham, Suffolk http://siberianhuskyclub.org.uk/the-husky/working/rally-brochure/
10th & 11th SDAS Rothes, Scotland http://sdas.org.uk/
10th & 11th AMWA Sherwood Forest, Notts http://www.amwa.org.uk/events/events-summary/
10th & 11th BSA Charlton Park, Wilts https://www.facebook.com/groups/britishsleddogactivities/

16th to 18th BSHRA Kings West, Thetford http://www.huskyracing.org.uk/calendar/bshra-kings-west/
17th & 18th BSSF Venue TBC England http://www.sleddogsportsgb.com/home/4590606419

24th & 25th SSHC Culbin, Scotland http://scottishshc.org.uk/
24th & 25th AMWA Dyfnant, Mid Wales (Trek) http://www.amwa.org.uk/events/events-summary/
24th AMWA Dyfnant, Mid Wales (Backpacking) http://www.amwa.org.uk/events/events-summary/
24th & 25th BSA Yateley, Berkshire https://www.facebook.com/groups/britishsleddogactivities/


3rd & 4th SHCGB Kings East http://siberianhuskyclub.org.uk/the-husky/working/rally-brochure/
3rd & 4th BSHRA Rendlesham http://www.huskyracing.org.uk/calendar/bshra-rendlesham-2/
3rd & 4th SDAS Ford Estate, Scotland http://sdas.org.uk/
3rd BSA Moors Valley, Dorset https://www.facebook.com/groups/britishsleddogactivities/

17th & 18th BSSF Venue TBC Scotland http://www.sleddogsportsgb.com/home/4590606419

24th & 25th SHCGB Dyfnant http://siberianhuskyclub.org.uk/the-husky/working/rally-brochure/
24th & 25th SSHC TBC Carron Valley or Central Scotland http://scottishshc.org.uk/

Date TBC AMWA Buttersteep/Swinley, Berks http://www.amwa.org.uk/events/events-summary/

31st & 1st Apr SDAS Bowlands, Scotland http://sdas.org.uk/

Richard Bailey

Richard Bailey, along with his wife, Faye started the Northernwolf website way back in 2003 with a view to helping other husky owners who had questions about this amazing breed of dog. The website now caters for all other sled dog breeds.

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