Past Dogs


Our very first husky. Ice came from a show kennel. He was such a loving boy. Owning Ice was the start of something big for us.


Our second male, a gentle giant with the heart of a bear. Yukon started our bloodline.


Our beautiful Rain, daughter of Yukon and Storm from our very first litter. She was the most loving of dogs with such a gentle nature.


Again from our first litter, sister to Rain, our beautiful baby girl, so soft and gentle


The smallest of our first litter. Faith was so laid back and loving. She loved her walks, she loved her pack and she loved us.


The only male from our first litter, Thunder became our first ever show dog. We are proud of the many compliments we have received about the nature of this boy.


Storm was one in a million. No dog will ever come close to her. Nothing will ever fill the gap she left when she left us. The most beautiful, loving dog ever. Grandmother to our Cheyenne, so we still have a tiny part of her with us.


Our very first female husky. The boss of the pack for sure but again so loving. Part of our lives for fifteen years.


He came to us as a rescue dog and from day one we knew he had to stay. King loved to run in harness and had the most striking looks.


Daughter to Dancer, Tala loved her cuddles. She was so lazy and liked nothing better than to snuggle up. Her beautiful big brown eyes melted anyones heart.


Our big red boy. Such a softy. Brother to Tala. This boy wouldnt go out if it snowed or rained and would walk around puddles. Such a funny character.


Our fastest working dog by far. Cub loved to run and could go long distances. He was also very laid back at the same time like his mum, Dancer and inherited her striking looks.


My black and white blue eyed girl - by far the prettiest husky of our pack.


Sashka came to live with us along with Atlanta. Ive never known a dog as loving as this girl. She was so beautiful inside and out.


Max was a character. He would howl when he knew it was feed or walk time and make the rest of the pack howl. Then he would tell them to be quiet and they would. Definitely a true leader.


Our beautiful boy came back to live with is for a short time due to his owners change in circumstances. A true Northernwolf in every way.


Named after the horse in the film Flicka, which means beautiful young girl. A delight to own and a privilege to be her breeder.


Daughter to Tala, Lakota was so wolf like that we named her after an Indian tribe. She was our first bi-eyed. Lakota was great to work but also knew when it was time to chill.


Our first born pied and a red and white one at that. Born on boxing day, this little girl was special from the start.


Our first all white girl. So cute and chunky that she looked like a baby polar bear, so loyal.


Our beautiful red boy. He was naughty but nice at the same time. A huge personality.