The Last Alaskans Returns – Season 4

The Discovery Channel’s reality series The Last Alaskans will return for a fourth season that will air late this year, and original cast member Bob Harte’s death will be part of the new season, even though he died last year.

Harte died from cancer on July 22, 2017, about two months after season three concluded airing, but while season four was in production. He was 66.

The exceptional reality series — which started on Animal Planet before moving to Discovery — will return in the fourth quarter of this year.


Season three aired in the spring of 2017, and focused on six people: Heimo and Edna Korth, Tyler and Ashley Selden, Charlie Jagow, and Bob Harte, who talked about his illness.

They’ll all be on season four, too.

Season three did not feature the Lewis family, Ray and Cindy Lewis, plus Emma, Sarah, and Molly, who’d appeared on the first two seasons.

While The Last Alaskans isn’t available on DVD, episodes are available on Amazon and on iTunes, and often repeat on television.

Season three aired in the spring of 2017, and Discovery described its plotlines—including Bob “[facing] his mortality”—like this:

“This season, as the Artic Refuge’s final permit holders seek prosperity in a hungry land, a new generation steps into this age-old way of life. Eager young trappers, Tyler and Ashley Selden, and Charlie Jagow fully commit to a life among North America’s most isolated, modern day pioneers. Aside from the day-to-day challenges, Tyler and Ashley face another surprise this season—welcoming their first child.

Meanwhile, Bob Harte faces his mortality and flees the Alaskan winter and after 40 years in the bush, the legendary Heimo Korth yearns to pass the torch to his daughter Krin. In an unexpected twist, both new and old generations must now learn how to survive a winter with much lighter snowfall than past. The families have always relied on heavy snow for their mobility to trap. Without solid snow fall, dog sleds and snow machines are of no use. This winter’s wolf packs move closer to the cabins, making trapping by foot all the more perilous.

With pressure on their livelihood like never before, will The Last Alaskans overcome the tribulations that lie ahead this winter or will the homestead and its memories simply return to the wilderness?”

Richard Bailey

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One thought on “The Last Alaskans Returns – Season 4

  • February 5, 2019 at 4:04 pm

    Please pass on our, hubby and I, condolences to Bob’s family. They were our favorite. I lost 2 from cancer and hubby is a 10 yr. survivor. It was a “touching” scene and “loving thought” with Charley and the others paying their “respects” the way they did for Bob.
    Am looking forward to season 4.


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