Sled Dog Soldiers

August 1915. Two officers of the French Army embark on an incredible secret mission: to bring 450 sled dogs from Alaska and Canada to France.

Will they succeed in carrying out their mission on time? The objective: to save the Eastern front from German invasion with the help of the sled dogs – the only way to penetrate the snow-filled Vosges and bring much-needed supplies and ammunition to starving and injured French soldiers.

The lives of thousands of soldiers are at stake.

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Captain Louis Moufflet and Lieutenant René Haas, aided by the legendary dogsled driver Scotty Allan, have 120 days to cover 10,000 kilometers under enemy threat.

This perilous race against time leads us across the vast and gleaming stretches of Alaska, all the way to the sumptuous landscapes of Quebec.

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The three adventurers finally arrive at the Gulf of the Saint Lawrence with their pack of semi-wild dogs only to find themselves ice-bound for the winter.

Once their ship departs they must defy German submarines and face terrible storms to cross the Atlantic and reach France.

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