Arctic Dogs

Swifty the Arctic Fox (Jeremy Renner) works in the mailroom of the Arctic Blast Delivery Service but dreams of one day becoming a Top Dog (the Arctic’s star husky courier). To prove himself worthy of the Top Dog role, Swifty secretly commandeers one of the sleds and delivers a mysterious package to a secret location.

He stumbles upon a hidden fortress, where he comes face to face with Otto Von Walrus (John Cleese), a blubbery evil genius, who walks around on mechanical legs and commands a loyal army of oddly polite puffin henchmen. Swifty soon discovers Otto Von Walrus’ plan to drill beneath Arctic surface to unleash enough ancient gas to melt the Arctic, in order to reign as the world’s supreme leader.

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The cast of Arctic Dogs includes :

  • Jeremy Renner as Swifty, an Arctic fox.
  • Alec Baldwin as PB, an introverted polar bear.
  • Heidi Klum as Jade, a red fox who is a tough as nails mechanic.
  • Klum also voices Bertha
  • John Cleese as Doc Walrus
  • Anjelica Huston as Maureen, a Russian accented reindeer
  • James Franco as Lemmy, a scatterbrained albatross.
  • Omar Sy as Sal, a conspiracy theorist otter.
  • Michael Madsen as Duke, a Husky
  • Laurie Holden as Dakota, a Husky
  • Nina Senicar as Countdown Inka
  • Aaron Woodley as Puffins
  • Soraya Azzabi as Alma
  • Jason Deline as Naz

Arctic Dogs is brought to you by Assemblage, makers of Norm of the North and also Alpha and Omega.

Arctic Dogs will be released on November 1st 2019 in USA and Canada. No news on UK release as yet.

You can find out more on the Arctic Dogs Official Website

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