Family Searching for Lost Husky after House Fire

It’s tragic to lose one’s home to a fire.

But Caroline Graham lost even more when flames destroyed her home in Maynard, Arkansas in the US

The single mom and her two daughters lost their beloved husky, Yukon.

Caroline and her daughters, 10-year-old Julianna and 2-year-old Isabella, were sound asleep when the fire broke out just before 4 a.m., according to Caroline’s mom Sharah Harris.

Caroline’s brother and his best friend were asleep on the two couches in the living room.

The fire trapped the young girls in their bedroom, Sharah said.

Caroline braved the flames and handed the girls out the bedroom window to their Uncle Trey before she climbed out.

Family Search For Lost Husky After House Fire 2

The family, including Yukon and Caroline’s other “fur baby” Roxie, made it out safely before the fire department arrived. Another dog, Little Bit, did not escape.

When fire crews arrived, the lights and sirens frightened Yukon so much he ran off and has not been seen since.

Caroline and her daughters have been searching all over the neighborhood for him. But, no luck.

Caroline rescued Yukon about eight years ago. He is more than just a member of the family, he is her best friend.

Right now, nothing would make them happier than the return of Yukon.

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