About Us We are Northernwolf

We are a small working and show kennel based in Yorkshire.
We have a passion for all sled dog breeds and all things cold weather.
We have also shared our lives with our Collie, Gypsy for the past 11 years and she is part of the pack.
We got our first Siberian Husky way back in 2001 from the Zoox Kennel. Ice was a great looking black and white male siberian husky.
From then on we caught the “husky bug”, which over a ten year period culminated in us having almost 30 sled dogs.
We regularly attend open and champ shows throughout the uk and work our dogs (weather permitting).
We started this website over 15 years ago with the aim to help new owners struggling with the questions that arise from owning one of the sled dog breeds. We hope this site is helpful to you.
With 16 years experience under our belts there is nothing we do not know about huskies and are more than happy to help anyone with any advice at any time. Please feel free to contact us.
Richard & Faye Bailey
Northernwolf Sled Dogs